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10 Seating Cards Ideas That Will Add A Personal Touch

After planning hundreds of weddings through the years and helping couples add their personal expression in every detail, we’ve seen our share of seating cards and seating charts.  Without a doubt these relatively simple things are helpful for your guests to find their way to their seat, but sometimes the way the cards are displayed can be a little confusing and overwhelming for your guests. Here’s our top 10 seating card ideas that are unique, creative, and amazingly functional!

Quick Tip: Keep your seating cards simple and easy to display

We’ve all seen the large seating charts and hanging seating cards on Pinterest, bridal blogs and magazines. They may look beautiful but functionally, its a bit overwhelming for guests to look for their names. For large weddings, this can be a daunting task and it may take a while for all of your guests find their seats.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for seating cards. This is just another detail that can add that personal touch to your wedding.

1. Ceramic Seating Cards – We absolutely love how these beautifully crafted tiles with custom calligraphy can double as a wedding favor and add vibrant color to your wedding.

2. Wine Bottle Seating Cards – There’s a continuing wedding trend with seating cards doubling as a wedding favor. A perfect keepsake for winery weddings.

3. Wine Cork Seating Cards – Continuing on the winery theme, we saw these adorable wine cork seating card holders. A great example of using an idea that’s been done but sprucing it up and adding your personal touch to give it a twist.

4.  Wooden Seating Card – A great way for your guests to find their seats, write you a special message and return it to you to display in your new home. These wooden pieces can be glued into one piece or displayed separately on a wall for you to cherish forever.

5. Stone Seating Card – Another great way for your guests to find their seat, write you a special message, and return the stones to you. One of our brides decided to display these in their garden in their new home.

6. Chocolate Truffle Seating Card – Who doesn’t love chocolate? A sweet way for your guests to enjoy a treat as they find their seat. Hey, that rhymes!

7. Signature Drink Seating Card – Ingenious idea for your guests to enjoy your signature drink during cocktail hour while getting their seating card. Note: Have non-alcoholic options available for your guests.

8. Handkerchief Seating Card – We just thought this was a absolutely cute idea. You can do handkerchiefs for the ladies and pocket squares for the guys.

9. Engagement Photo Seating Chart – If you do decide to do a seating chart, why not use one of your engagement photos? You can frame this later and reminisce on who was there at your wedding.

10. Poster Seating Chart – Another seating chart idea that you can use to display your favorite city or the spot he proposed.

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