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Flower Duet on this week’s Expression Spotlight!

This week’s Expression Spotlight is featuring the amazingly talented duo Kit Wertz & Casey Coleman Schwartz of Flower Duet in Los Angeles and today they’ll be showing us their unique floral design styles and some quick tips when choosing your bridal bouquets. Take a look at our exclusive interview with Kit and Casey as we see them in actual and create two beautiful distinct bridal bouquets!

We are so delighted to feature Kit and Casey and their company, Flower Duet , on this week’s Expression Spotlight. This dynamic duo of floral designers gave us insight on how to choose the flowers for your bridal bouquet and the different design styles you can choose from. Some brides favor a floral design style that is very structured and orderly. While others like floral designs that are more organic and airy. What’s especially great about Kit and Casey is that they can mimic each other’s style or any style that the bride wants. We absolutely love their work and we can see their passion, creativity, and personalities in each of their designs.

Flower Duet is recognized as one of the top wedding floral designers for many couples looking for their unique floral design style. We absolutely love how Kit and Casey can create one-of-a-kind floral masterpieces and help couples express their personality in the details of the flowers. For more details and information on their services, check out their website at

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