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Couture Clutches Defines Elegance and Beauty

Belucci Couture is one of the hottest new designers of couture clutches that defines sophistication and glamour and is perfect for any elegant evening event.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the owner of Belucci Couture, Saira Belucci.  Saira is stylish and has a great sense of fashion. She feels that every women deserves to feel special and elegant and this is why she has made her clutches and evening bags so accessible. Belucci Couture bags are made with pearls, rhinestones, fabric, metal, and high quality crystals. The clutches and evening bags range in price from $65 – $250.

Sadia Couture Clutch

One of my favorite evening clutches is the Sadia silver clutch because of its amazing adored loop at the very top of the bag. When you place your finger into the loop it transforms into a beautiful ring that matches the evening clutch perfectly. The evening clutch is covered in pearls and crystals so that it can be worn for a soiree or a fun night out with your significant other.  The Sadia retails for $70.

Saira Couture Clutch



Another of my favorite evening bags is the Saira gold clutch. The sparkle on this clutch is outstanding and the fact that gold has made a comeback this season makes this clutch priceless. The metal frame resembles a peacock with high quality crystals and rhinestones embedded on each side of the clutch. Of course this evening clutch is on the higher end price point retailing at $250.



Belucci Couture evening clutches and bags make a great gift and are even spectacular replacements for bridesmaids bouquets. They add a bit of elegance and sophistication to any wedding or special event. The great thing about Belucci Couture clutches is that they can be passed down through generations and will still be very fashionable. Belucci Couture also offers stylish shamballa bracelets on their websites. If you would like to see more of these wonderful bags and bracelets  you can visit

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