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Your wedding flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding, so it’s important to pick wedding centerpieces and bouquets that fit your wedding theme and colors. Where to start?

Wedding Flower Bouquets

There are some key things to think about when you are picking out your weddingfloral. First, what are the colors that you will be using in your wedding? Are you open to different shades of the main color you want? Are the flowers in season that you want to incorporate into your centerpieces or bouquets? Finally, what is your budget for your wedding flowers?


          wedding flower bouquetFlowers are available in many different colors and shades so it is important to know if you want to incorporate that color or go with another color that compliments the colors you have chosen for your wedding décor. For example, if your wedding colors are blue and white, you could incorporate some purples and pinks into that palette. Green and yellow would bebrides floral bouquet another fun color, which completely contrast next to the blue.  You can start getting ideas and see what flowers you like by looking through bridal magazines, floral books, and browse through pictures on our Pinterest boards.


              pink floral bouquetIf your color is pink why not incorporate all different shades of pink in the floral from fuchsia to a light almost white pink. If red is your color, you could do a deep red to an almost burgundy color floral. 



white peonies floral bouquet

Depending on the season certain flowers will be available, this is very important to keep in mind. Nowadays,  flowers can be available all year round but with an added cost of course.  For example if you really want peonies in your bouquet and you are getting married in August, the florist might be able to get them but it will be almost double the price because they are being shipped from a different country. Typically peonies are a spring flower and usually not available around the beginning of May. Of course, the weather plays a huge role whether something will be available longer or shorter. Last year I was able to get Peonies up until the end of June but that was because the weather was cooler and it allowed for peonies to continue growing. 


        garden wedding centerpieceSome couples because of budget constraints decide to cut the flowers out all together because they feel it is something unnecessary. I always suggest to my brides and groom some décor is better than none. Look at your budget and if it allows there are always florist that will be willing to work with you.  You only get one wedding day so make sure it is what you envisioned. 

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