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During the initial design consultation with my brides, the first question I ask is what is their wedding theme or concept that they want to resonate throughout their wedding. I would say that approximately 90 percent of my brides and grooms do not have a clue on how to answer that. 

Today’s weddings have become less traditional and range from having a large bridal party to none. Brides and grooms  should not get stuck on what other people tell them what is right or wrong. But rather do not be afraid to show your personalities and incorporate that into every aspect of your wedding day. 

Your wedding day is the time to show all of your friends and family how fun and creative you can be and have the chance to get to know you as a couple. Granted some people need more help than others but do not be scared to incorporate some of the fun things you both like to do and enjoy. 

rice crispy cakeOne key advice is to think outside of the box. If you love rice crispy treats then why not have a rice crispy cake. If a bride and groom love wine, why not have a wedding at a winery and have a cake shaped like different cheeses. I know there are a lot of ladies that love Hello Kitty, if your groom wants to go along with this theme then there are several things that could be incorporated. For example, cake pops, cake topper, shoes with hello kitty on them could be used. Never limit your creativity, allow for your ideas to develop, and if needed consult with a professional to make your vision come to life.

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