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Picture a room with white walls and a standard wooden floor. Now picture that room filled with tables, chairs, over flowing floral arrangements, as well as beautiful colored linens.  When you walk in something feels like it is missing, that is because it is most people forget about how crucial lighting can be. 

Lighting is everything it can instantly set the ambiance to your big day. Depending on the lighting you go with it can transform a plain room into a wow room. For example, add chandeliers and that will provide a romantic glow and elegant fashion sparkle.  Add a gobo and this will tie all the branding done for a couples wedding, it can be the same logo used on the invitations or even an initial. 

The trend that most couples choose is amber or a soft pink for up lighting. These colors look great in photographs and they also blend well with any color scheme.  The best lighting to request are LED lights since they provide a greater intensity and also are energy savers. 

If the room you have chosen is too dark another suggestion would be to use pin spotlights. These lights will accent anything from the cake to the floral arrangements on the tables.  These lights will make a difference in the photographs taken and if you are spending a good amount on floral or the cake you want enough lighting to showcase them. 

wedding uplighting Some couples want a twinkle in the room once the dancing part of the reception starts so they opt for draping with lights intertwined. A professional should do this type of lighting since it requires some installation on the ceiling. 


Unless the room is well lit with a lot of windows that will allow for natural lighting consider adding lighting to your space.  Most D.J.’s now have packages with lighting.

wedding uplighting

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