Expressionary Films | Cinematic Wedding Videography


Cinematic Wedding Videography Capturing Your Unique Expression

Our passion at Expressionary Productions & Films is to craft a cinematic heirloom that truly reflects the unique character of your wedding day.

We work hard to not only ensure your wedding film lives up to your expectations of quality, but actually exceeds them. We don’t just record your date and hand over barely-edited footage of what happened. At Expressionary Productions & Films we capture the essence of your wedding. We carefully select only the best, most moving moments and edit them in a meaningful way.

That means no three-plus hour long epics with extended closeups of crying relative after crying relative. This is not your parents’ wedding video. We distill the day into interesting moments, avoiding the boredom of those tired, old-fashioned wedding videos, and provide you with something you and your loved ones will be be happy to watch time and again.



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